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Entrepreneurial universities in motion.

SFU: The Engaged University

Two of the most powerful and inspiring videos on the concept of Engaged Universities are published by Simon Fraser University (SFU).

The first video summarises SFU's strategic vision to become the leading Engaged University - engaging students, engaging research and engaging communities. More precisely, the vision is stated as follows: "To be the leading Engaged University defined by its dynamic integration of innovative education, cutting-edge research, and far-reaching community engagement." Using the power of drawing, the video shows various elements of the concept of an Engaged University, gives examples and, most importantly, makes the bigger picture of this new movement towards more entrepreneurial and engaged universities easily understandable.

The second video shows how SFU puts their vision into reality. The video features various examples of how SFU engages students, engages research and engages communities.

Teesside University - We're finalists for Entrepreneurial University of the Year

The below video has been created in response to Teesside University's nomination for the Entrepreneurial University of the Year Award.

In the video Teesside University's Deputy Vice-Chancellor Cliff Hardcastle gives insights into what it means for the university and its stakeholders to be nominated. Interestingly, the video also features Duncan Bannatyne, one of the Dragons in the famous BBC show "Dragon's Den" where entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas in order to secure investment from a panel of venture capitalists. Duncan is a graduate of Teesside University and provides some inspiring words and advice for entrepreneurs.

The Entrepreneurial University

The two below videos aim to highlight the differences between traditional universities and entrepreneurial universities. To do so, in each video one cartoon character is send to a traditional university while another one is send to an entrepreneurial university. Enjoy seeing how the type of university might affect the future of our students :-)