Scientific articles

A collection of published research results.

Entrepreneurial Universities and Industrial Creation in China by Jin Hua
Published in: Graduate School of Commerce and Management Center for Japanese Business Studies (2013)

Entrepreneurial Universities: Socioeconomic Impacts of Academic Entrepreneurship in a European Region by David Urbano, Maribel Guerrero
Published in: Economic Development Quarterly (2013)

Entrepreneurial universities in two European regions: a case study comparison by Maribel Guerrero, David Urbano, James Cunningham, Damien Organ
Published in: The Journal of Technology Transfer (2012)

The Transition Towards Entrepreneurial Universities: An Assessment of Academic Entrepreneurship in Italy by Nicola Baldini, Riccardo Fini, Rosa Grimaldi
Published in: Technology Transfer (2012)

The development of an entrepreneurial university by David Urbano, Maribel Guerrero
Published in: The Journal of Technology Transfer (2012)

Entrepreneurial effectiveness of European universities: An empirical assessment of antecedents and trade-offs by Bart Van Looy, Paolo Landoni, Julie Callaert, Bruno van Pottelsberghe, Eleftherios Sapsalis, Koenraad Debackere
Published in: Research Policy (2011)

Why do academics engage with industry? The entrepreneurial university and individual motivations by Pablo D’Este, Markus Perkmann
Published in: The Journal of Technology Transfer (2011)

The entrepreneurial university: Examining the underlying academic tensions by Kevin Philpott, Lawrence Dooley, Caroline O'Reilly, Gary Lupton
Published in: Technovation (2011)

ENTRE-U: An entrepreneurial orientation scale for universities by Zelimir William Todorovic, Rod B. McNaugttonb, Paul Guild,
Published in: Technovation (2011)

The ‘entrepreneurial turn’ and regional economic development mission of universities by Harvey A. Goldstein
Published in: The Annals of Regional Science (2010)

Polyvalent Knowledge and the Entrepreneurial University: A Third Academic Revolution? by Henry Etzkowitz, Riccardo Viale
Published in: Critical Sogiology (2010)